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Peru! Lost Civilizations! God’s Creation!

Posted by Mike on March 19, 2008

Have you been to Peru? Me neither.

However, my daughter recently returned from a children’s ministry trip to Peru. The team that she was on went to Lima and Cusco. You may also visit her site for pictures from the trip as she posts in the upcoming days. Don’t miss the ones of Machu Pichu! Even though Wikipedia isn’t the last word on everything, the site has a picture very similar to one of Amy’s. What a wonderful example of God’s Creation and man’s use of it.

As a boy, I liked to read about mysterious things. One book in particular stood out in its presentation of Lost Cities and Vanished Civilizations. It was written by Robert Silverberg, who was also a science fiction writer. His writing in this book was captivating. I became more interested in the Incas than the Mayans or Aztecs because of this book. Machu Pichu sounded like a terrific place to see. I haven’t, but at least one of my children has.

What became of the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs? Did they mysteriously disappear, as some believe? What happened to the Mayans after the collapse of their civilization? I think, along with a lot of other folks, that they were assimilated into surrounding peoples or relocated. They didn’t disappear; they just moved and resettled.

The scenery in part of Peru is stunning. And Amy was able to share the gospel of Christ with many young people there.


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