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Closer to the record

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2008

Meteorologist Mark Schnackenberg updated his listings of year-to-date snow totals. Cedar Rapids is now in its 2nd snowiest winter. Just 2.5 inches to go, with 59.9 inches in Cedar Rapids to-date.

Dubuque has broken their record. Waterloo and Iowa City are making progress towards theirs.

Portland, Maine has broken a record, but not the all-time record. They are over 100 inches for the year. Steamboat Springs, Colorado has broken their record with over 450 inches this year, and counting.

Maybe there is something to Global Climate Change, after all. And it you don’t believe it, Al Gore himself might call you a crackpot who believes the earth is flat.

We do have until June 30 to break our record. I’m not sure we’ll do it, since March is about over and temps are rising.

However, as sports fans say, “Wait’ll next year!”

And as José Jiménez might say, “Oh, I hope not!”  I agree, 100%. If we don’t beat the record this year, I’m sure I don’t want to stay in training for another attempt!


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Go for the record?

Posted by Mike on March 15, 2008

As of March 6, 2008, Cedar Rapids is in its third snowiest winter at 59.1″.

The  snowiest was 1959-1960 at 62.4″.

Three-quarters of an inch and we’ll be in second place.  I say, go for the gold and get it over with! Global Climate Change (ha-ha) is to blame; either that or George W. Bush!

Typically, March has some good snow falls, though the recent days indicate that Spring may still arrive.

Try remembering all this in late July and August.

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Posted by Mike on November 24, 2007

I would like to thank my family and friends for praying for us during my long season without a job. We’re thankful for the encouragement, support, care, concern, and generosity to us during this time. Many people have been a terrific example to me.

This time has also been humbling as I had to face many shortcomings, and realize that I can’t do much, if anything, on my own. I came to realize better that the Bible is correct when it says that we need to rely on God and not ourselves. I also need to remember some of these lessons when I encounter others going through difficult trials.

Thanks especially to my wife, who has gone through some major trials herself during this time. Unfortunately, we sometimes suffer as a consequence of the actions of others, and my wife has persevered through all of this inspite of me. Thanks also to my daughters who have been very supportive and encouraging.

Thanks for rejoicing with them that do rejoice, and weeping with them that weep (Romans 12:15).

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Hello, world!

Posted by Mike on November 21, 2007

Welcome to my blog. Everyone else seems to have one, so here’s mine. I almost had one going a few years ago, but I stalled out.

Why “Pseudorandom Bits”? To start, look at the left sidebar.

Of course, TheCookieJar was already in use as our family web site, not a blog. happylittlecookie was already taken. according to mike would have been too derivative. Other great names were already in use.

Since I have a background in math, Pseudorandom Bits seemed appropriate, and is the name I was going to use in my first blog a while back. Algorithmically speaking, computers don’t generate true random numbers, but use procedures to simulate a sequence of numbers with appropriate qualities of randomness. (Here’s something to try: The next time you’re in a group of people, ask them to pick a random integer in the range of 1 to 10, or 1 to 100. Odds are that you won’t get many even numbers picked. Even numbers often don’t seem random enough.) My thoughts aren’t really random, either, but who knows what the next one will be?

Please keep watching this site. I may have something to say another time.

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